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Another Vista Oddity

June 25, 2008 3 comments

Remember the classic Win9x / NT / XP Windows themes? Of course you do, many including me are still running such operating systems. One of the largest differences between these old themes and the new Vista Aero theme (apart from transparency effects and desktop compositing) is the lack of a control icon in some dialogs and Windows. This in itself is unremarkable, after all, new theme, new design right? Wrong.

I appears Windows Vista Aero still has an invisible icon in the top left hand corner of the window. Windows without control icons like Windows Explorer still have this invisible area where, if clicked (or double clicked) will react. Try it yourself!

Of course this is not particularly useful. We have not been double clicking control icons to close windows since the days of Windows 3.x, even still I find it amusing that the functionality remains if only to support the legacy themes that can be used in Windows Vista.


The Wow is here! (With some tweaking)

April 30, 2008 1 comment

I just came across a great site called . As the name suggests, it is dedicated to sprucing up that fairly boring Vista boot screen. Each new boot screen is packaged with an installer so it is trivial to get them on your system without resorting to the use of third party applications as was necessary with Windows XP. Take a look, there are some very elegant ones on there to suit every taste.

UPDATE: My mistake, the file downloaded replaces the winload.exe.mui file directly. It is not as simple as just replacing the Windows file but the instructions are clear and concise.

New GeexBox Theme – Stargate

December 2, 2007 1 comment

On my other site I have a few Geexbox themes that I threw together over a year ago. Geexbox is a minimalist media-center based on Linux, more information can be found on my other site. A year ago, it looked like the geexbox development team were moving over to Freevo rather than sticking with their Mplayer based template system and for that reason, I stopped making themes thinking my work would be obsolete within a few months. A year on and the decision to move over to Freevo has been scrapped and as such I decided to make a few more themes! I made a few today but this is the only one I am happy to release, hopefully I will release more in the next few days time permitting. Its a fairly basic monochrome theme featuring the early cast of Stargate SG1.

Head over to my other site to download this theme.

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