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New GeexBox Theme – Stargate

December 2, 2007 1 comment

On my other site I have a few Geexbox themes that I threw together over a year ago. Geexbox is a minimalist media-center based on Linux, more information can be found on my other site. A year ago, it looked like the geexbox development team were moving over to Freevo rather than sticking with their Mplayer based template system and for that reason, I stopped making themes thinking my work would be obsolete within a few months. A year on and the decision to move over to Freevo has been scrapped and as such I decided to make a few more themes! I made a few today but this is the only one I am happy to release, hopefully I will release more in the next few days time permitting. Its a fairly basic monochrome theme featuring the early cast of Stargate SG1.

Head over to my other site to download this theme.

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