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Half Life – Escape from Reality

May 25, 2009 2 comments

We have oh so many reasons to worship at the gilded feet of ATi and Nvidia at the moment – their continual graphics development has lead to some extremely immerse and consuming games of late, with the promise of still more to come as the Silicon wars heat up. Although many have heralded the start of ‘real life’ or (‘VR’ in the 1990s) quality computer graphics as just being ‘around the corner’ in practice we are nowhere near. (Ask anyone who does Ray Tracing about their render times). 😀

Despite significant leaps of late, GPU hardware presently lacks the horsepower to pull this feat off and as a result, game engines utilise trickeries which enhance the final rendered images on our screens. HDR/ Bloom to simulate ranges of lighting, AA / bump/parallax mapping to give flat textures the impression of having three dimensions, film grain and post processing (to name just a few) are all examples of ways in which we are catapulted into the darkest realms of the minds of game developers.

And you know what – it works. It works because the vast majority of games are not based on real life and there is a good reason for this – they would probably be slow paced and/or boring. It is much easier to transport a player into a gritty or glossy world and tell a story where the developer has complete control over the experience – and it is fun. Although please don’t get me started on recoil-less rifles, enemies who can take so much fire to put down you would expect them to look like apple cores, ‘unlimited’ ammo vehicles and some of the other ‘realistic’ travesties that have occurred in recent games.

I would write more on this topic, but I should veer back onto the point. Short films inspired by games are not new, however upto now they were normally poorly voiced over clip shows rendered in the originating game engine. However this is different- I discovered recently; well actually it was back in February so sue me 8) , Escape from City 17.

I can already see the 60 Watt bulbs illuminating above your heads, but for those of you on energy saving varieties, City 17 is the fictional setting of Half Life 2. The fan movie really serves as an advert from ‘The Purchase Brothers’ and it is fantastically put together considering their tiny budget. It blends the oppressive Orwellian City 17 with real life environments seamlessly resulting in a fantastic short video which I highly recommend.

At the rate Valve are working, Half Life 3 Episode 2 may look just like this… probably not worth ordering a bunch of 4870s or 295 GTXs in anticipation though.


Quantum of Solace Trailer

October 3, 2008 5 comments

I found a trailer for the upcoming Bond movie : Quantum of Solace. It looks extremely good and is set to be released in the UK at the end of October. I am a big fan of James Bond films and am glad Casino Royal reversed the downward spiral the franchise got into after Tomorrow Never Dies. I had mixed feelings about Daniel Craig as the new Bond, he seemed unconvincing in the months leading up to the release of Casino Royal; however looking back, I think it was a great decision. Prior to this, Bond films tended to be only loosely based on the original novels by Ian Flemming and treated Bond as though he was completely invulnerable, almost casting him as a super hero. This started to get really out of hand with films like Moonraker (which was similar only in title to the original novel) and the last two Pierce Brosnan films. With the return to the authentic, vulnerable, human Bond a new actor was really required and I think is really shows in Casino Royale that both the production team and Daniel Craig understood this. I simply can’t wait for Quantum! Below is the trailer.

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