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Lego Miscreants

toy_talibanMinifigforlife, who apparently are not licenced by Lego, have come up with a, dare I say it – a rather cool range of accessories of the budding Lego adventurer. However they have met with a fair amount of criticism from around the world chiefly for their ‘terrorist’ Lego man which some say bears a striking resemblance to a Taliban fighter. Ok, I would have to be blind not to see where the critics are coming from, but for such hysteria over a toy?!? I seem to recall from my childhood that I was playing with Lego Pirates and other such miscreants. Infact, I am fairly sure I once built both the ship and the island fortress in this picture. Good times 🙂 .

According to wikipedia, the Pirate range started in the late 1980s, so as you can see it is a bit late for Lego to turn around and condemn “violent” and, in their eyes, “non-family friendly” toys. Granted Lego themselves have nothing to do with this new range, but for papers like The Sun (and others, but I feel like picking on The Sun) to write headlines like “Osama Bin Lego” is simply absurd.

Of course violence and terrorism are not concepts to expose young children to, but in this Nanny state we find ourselves in, it never ceases to amaze me how people can get worked up over such petty things. I highly doubt that a child would think along such lines anyway – this is simply a fun baddie like countless others before in the varies Lego franchises. Admittedly this is the first time the Lego ‘bad guy’ has come to vaguely resemble a particular ethnic or social group before (if we don’t count pirates for a moment) but I am sure no disrespect was meant. In fact, I would challenge that such a stereo type (perhaps we should include Call of Duty 4 in this)  is as contrived as the pirate characters were in the first place.

Long and short of it? Stop getting so worked up over nothing – I leave you a particularly nice construction that is definitely not suitable for all ages ;).


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