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Yahtzee to Zone : Weirdly compelling!

Yahtzee, the comic genius / professional troll, weighs in on Stalker: Clear Sky in his newest video. Not usually known for praise, it was interesting to see what he made of Stalker: Clear Sky and it turns out his feels about the game mirror what I wrote a few days ago. For those of you unaware of Mr Y’s work, he is the chap behind the hilarious and satirical ‘Zero Punctuation’ video reviews over at escapistmagazine.com and I highly recommend checking them out!

In other related news I am still playing Clear Sky whenever I get the chance and despite being a few more hours into the game (and having lost my shiny rifles to a bunch of bandits *mutter mutter*) I am still really enjoying the game. When I finish it I will write a proper follow up.

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