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QVC Sells your details!

This post is a little bit off at a tangent (even for me) but I was extremely annoyed to discover the way QVC treats it’s customers. Someone I know has been shopping with QVC for a number of years, but disliked giving all her account details every time she called merely to clarify information about an item or stock levels.

As a result, not being able to progress past these questions without giving some type of answer, she eventually resorted to giving a similar (but false) name. Imagine her surprise when, a few weeks later, correspondence arrived from a completely different company (Wills & Co Stockbrokers) sent to this completely fictional person invented for QVC’s benefit.

Here is a copy of the letter she received:

So, to all of you who use QVC – beware, they sell your details. Note that this is QVC UK, although I should imagine QVC USA are exactly the same.

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