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Red Alert 3 cast revealed.

The Command and Conquer franchise has, since its debut been noted for its focus on high quality sound and FMVs. Infact, it was this production quality that initially drew me in to the first Command and Conquer when I saw it at a friend’s house many many years ago. It was the first time I had heard intelligible language uttered in a real time strategy game and coupled with the sound track I was completely blown off my feet. Since then, every other RTS game has embraced the class specific whimsical audio commentary with a gusto and yet, no-one seems to quite do it like Westwood Studios(now .. unfortunately … EA.) The FMVs (Full Motion Video, an acronym that reveals its age) have always been on the grand scale with fairly cheesy acting. Despite of this, they were literally the reward at the end of every level and sometimes gave hints of new units you were about to obtain as you progressed further and further up the tech tree.

There are many great examples and youtube probably (I have certainly seen the majority listed) has them all. In more recent games (read Command and Conquer 3) EA have tried casting big name scifi stars with varying degrees of success. I am a bit biased in this, as I am of the firm belief C&C 3 was a bit of a step backwards from Generals, but I digress.

Today, whilst browsing I came across this video showing cut scenes from a variety of videos from the as yet unreleased C&C: Red Alert 3. The cast list seems to include a more down to earth selection of big names and I must admit I am very excited about how C&C:RA3 is shaping up. According to trylobyte, the cast list is as follows:

  • Evil Communist Russian with cheesy accent – played by Peter Stormare (Prison Break, Armageddon), Andrew Divoff (Patchy from LOST) and TIM CURRY!!
  • The clueless US president – played by JK Simmonsof Spiderman fame
  • The old humble Allied General (Jonathan Pryce)
  • Hot Communication Officers – Gemma Atkinson 8-0 Ivana Milicevic (the bad guy’s gf in Casino Royale) 8-0 and Kelly Hu (X-men2) 8-0
  • Tanya (now blonde and played by…Jenny McCarthy )
  • But anyway, for now.. enjoy and join me in giving thanks to the Church of Conquerology.. . 🙂

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