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Our Procera Overlords…

I noticed that some of my traffic over the last couple of days has originated from a corporate intranet


I did a tiny bit of checking and found the domain prnw.net redirects (by a framed script on http://www.netintact.com/…)to proceranetworks.com, the company behind the $800,000 packet filtering behemoth I mentioned in my prior post.

Through the wonder of HTTP referrals (which sends the originating URL as part of the HTTP transaction header) it not only gave me the domain but the remote path to where the link is held which the visitors took to get to my blog. By the looks of things, Procera have been keeping a close eye on all press / blogosphere reactions to their new release… interesting. Whilst it is likely many companies do this, I was amused that their intranet web-server is not setup to sanitise referal information.

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