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Jaw-dropping Galactica!

Battlestar Galactica exploded back onto our TVs a few days ago! I must say parts of the first two episodes left me with a mouth wide open – it has been a long while since a show has done this, especially on a season opener! I have been watching this Battlestar Galactica, totally transfixed since it’s debut on Sky One four years ago, it has gone through troubles and amazing triumphs, and although this is the last season, I have never been more excited about a show. I simply can not wait to see where we are taken from here.

The religious and political overtones are hard to miss in this show, I get the feeling the producers go out of their way to be cryptic and leave little clues in their shows which only adds to the excitement. Perhaps one of the most famous religious riddles recently highlighted was in “The Da Vinci Code“, in that vain, the producers and writers have released the ‘last supper’ image of Battle Star Galactica purportedly containing a cryptic message telling us what will happen in Season 4. I can already see it is going to be an amazing ride, the only thing that could ruin it would be if the season is spilt into two halves with the latter being shown in 2009.

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