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Black Google

Tonight when I went to Google.co.uk I was met by an unusual sight. It seems Google have jumped onto the Earth Hour initiative which seeks to turn off all lights for one hour around the world tomorrow. What started off as a social experiment last year in Australia has now turned into a global event for 2008! Its great to see a big company like Google taking a proactive stance on an issue like this.

Some of you may be familiar with the Google powered search engine Blackle (currently purports to have saved 534,242.576 Watt hours) which tried a similar scheme, claiming that PC monitors used slightly less power displaying black than white. It seemed like a nice idea, but in a moment of vanity I decided I preferred the valina white look (and also the issues of privacy and security came into play.) Interestingly enough, it turns out this was simply not correct with some evidence from recent studies that TFT monitors actually consume MORE power displaying black than white rendering the effort fairly pointless.

Despite of this, however, Google have changed their home page to this in an drive the message of climate change and it has done a great job so far of stopping people in their tracks online. So, I am going to go one step further, any and all electronic equipment I can turn off I will for one hour tomorrow. (And I am not just going make sure my laptop/PSP/<insert gadget here> is charged before hand either 😀 )

It could be kind of fun and will be nice to get away from the digital wireless world I seem to be so totally sucked into! 🙂

19 Hours and 30 Minutes to go…. (Anyone else think the counter looks like the one from Armageddon?!) Anyway, it starts in the UK at 8pm local time tomorrow.

  1. March 29, 2008 at 4:59 am

    The main savings for power on monitors being black would be the old CRTs which hardly anyone would have now. I really doubt Blackles claims .
    In 5 hours we will turn all our lights off at home – if anything it will show my son how much we depend on power/ how much we use.

  2. March 29, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Yeah I noticed that, it seems Blackle’s claims are based on a 2002 research paper which was published when the majority of systems used CRTs. It would be fun if we could actually get people interested in the idea – imagine whole continents disappearing from the night sky as seen from the ISS!

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