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The countdown is on!!

Yes folks, its that time of the year again, six months have passed since Ubuntu 7.10 and Hardy Heron is 28 days away from being released. Seriously, who thinks of these code-names? This is just a brief post to discuss an interesting new feature called wubi. Unlike prior releases of Ubuntu which auto ran and allowed the install F/OSS software in windows (or reboot to install Linux) Wubi is a GUI that installs a fully usable Linux distribution from within Windows 🙂

It started out as a fork from 7.10 but has now been re-merged into (the forth coming) 8.4 as another option for people on the fence which is a step more usable than the Live CD option which has been present on many distributions for a while now. To get around rolling it’s sleaves up and getting dirty with your partition tables, Wubi creates an image of the linux harddrive in a very similar why in which virtualisation / emulation programs run as guests on the host system (e.g. QEMU, VirtualBox, VMWare etc.) The similarity ends there, this is not a preconfigured emulated environment run from within Windows, Wubi adds itself as an option to the MBR (Master Boot Record) which allows the user to select which operating system they wish to boot.

Find out more here.

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