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Target Practice

Its been a while since I last had a moment to do any target practice. Before everyone starts to worry, I do a lot of Airsofting (so not using lethal firearms) and as part of that I try to train regularly in my garden. Its useful to sight in the weapons as well as improve snap and aimed shooting. The last time I did this however was way back in November so understandably I was a bit rusty.

There are a number of different ways in which I practice shooting but the most common were the three ways I practiced today. I use a simple target (which I built myself) which stands 1.2m high and uses an A4 sheet of paper with a target the size of a person’s head.

First of all, the fairly pedestrain – standing carefully aimed ten round single.

You can see the effect of the wind which was weak to average left to right. Also I have developed a bad habit of over-squeezing the trigger when firing which can be seen in the spread. Overall it is a good spread and I was glad to see I have not lost much from the last few months of inactivity.

The second exercise is a bit more useful for airsofting. It involves standing ten yards away and facing 90 degrees from the target. Every five seconds rotate 90 degrees (body AND feet) and fire a three round burst with minimal time for aiming. This tests and trains the snap shot and is most commonly used by airsofters.

As you can see, I didn’t do as well here as before although at least one shot from each burst hit the inner (darker) rings. There appear to have been two misses although I heard all the rounds hitting the target.

Lastly, the hardest test of the day, run five feet parallel to the target, rotate 90 degrees and fire three rounds. This is repeated three times.


This is the hardest test as it gets the heart pumping and makes it much harder to align your sights as you spin around as you are concentrating on your foot work as well as stopping. Predictably I did the worst on this one with two complete misses, although the target is the size of a Man’s head, so if aiming center mass would still have represented ‘kills.’ Each target is numbered to indicate which burst it came from. As you can see, my third burst was the worst with two very poor hits.

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