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Homemade Meat Balls – the gamer’s choice!

Well two recipes in less than a week, let no-one accuse me of being too focused on one subject area with my blog 🙂 This is another recipe that I just made up and it turned out better than I expected so I thought I would share it.

What is it ? Very simply it is a rice (although pasta would work) dish with meatballs in tomato sauce and it is extremely easy to make.

UPDATE: I made it a few more times and it works much better with a few alterations. Firstly, use beef not pork. Secondly, make smaller sized meat balls as the cook better. Thirdly, powder 1/2 a vegetable stock and sprinkle over mixture of beef and onions along with small amounts of salt and pepper. If you have any around, gently drizzle a small amount of Peri Peri sauce over the mixture. Mix together well before compressing into meatballs. 

The following will serve 2:

500g Lean Pork Mince (Although Beef should work too with a few tweaks)

1 Large red onion

1 Can of chopped tomatoes

1 Vegetable stock cube

50ml Olive Oil

200g Brown rice

2x Pita bread

One spring onion

Oregano and Coriander

Chop up the red onion into very fine pieces (smaller the better) and gently fry for 10/15mins until soft. At this point I removed the onions from the pot and placed them on a plate. Take the mince and gentle mix the onions and mince until you get a nice even mix.

Take the mixture and compact in your hands to form small/medium sized balls, apply as much pressure as you can as this will be important later. I made about ten meatballs from my mince although they were on the large side. Lightly add Oregano and Coriander to each meat ball. Add these to oil (1/2mm in bottom of frying pan) and fry. It is important that you turn the meatballs frequently so they are cooked throughout and so they do not burn, you have to be careful or they might fall apart on you.

Once the meatballs are cooked thoroughly on the outside, leave simmering in oil while you make the tomato sauce. This is extremely easy, take 100ml of water and add a stock cube. When it has dissolved under heat, add a tin of tomato sauce and a bit of tomato puree stirring well. Leave this mixture on medium heat for at least ten minutes. Also start to cook a normal rice portion for two people, I recommend brown rice but feel free to use anything.

Once you are confident the meat balls are completely cooked through and through (cut one in half carefully) remove and drain the oil. Once this is done, add the tomato sauce and meatballs and cook it down for about ten minutes until the tomato mixture thickens.

Serve, adding chopped spring onion either into the sauce at the end, or just sprinkling over the top for the served dish and add a toasted pita bread to the side.

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