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Ubuntu 7.10 Misery

I finally decided to remove my 7.4 Ubuntu installation from my laptop (Fujitsu Siemens A1650) to try Ubuntu 7.10. Given the changes to a number of areas (XGL/X server, Gnome, Compiz, B43 etc) I decided to do a clean install rather than opt for the upgrade option.

I should say at this point that I am only a few hours in, however this version is giving me a lot more grief than 7.4 or even the 6.x series. Here is a brief synopsis of what does not work:

> The ubuntu splash screen on boot up – Hangs *

> Compiz after installing restricted driver – Fails due to not having a whitelisted card *

> Wifi (Broadcom 4318) – Not a surprise

> ACPI (Acer_acpi) – Latest versions cause serious problems in Gnome

*= fixed

There are a number of things that do work very well out of the box and I will detail them in the follow up post when I have had a chance to fix the above issues. There is still a lot of tinkering to be done and I will post fixes when I have found work arounds, its just a shame as this release had so much potential.

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