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WD debuts DRM’d Harddrive (*hiss*)

DRM seems to be the popular industry buzz acronym at present regardless whether it inflame users or not. This recent trend of pandering to content providers over end users is both reprehensible and irresponsible from a corporate and moral prospective. A few weeks ago, Western Digital released on the unsuspecting world an external harddrive with buit in DRM.

I am a huge fan of Western Digital HDDs, and have bought 5 hard drives from them recently, however in such a competitive market, smart consumers have plenty of choice and will simply turn their noses up at a product that restricts their abilities. Wired posted that the SAMBA mode works properly, its only the client software that provides restrictions of Media files.

UPDATE: A whole community hell bent on replacing the official firmware with a F/OSS linux version has sprung up. Whilst I dislike products that force DRM on the consumer, I do love it when F/OSS projects are created on the back of them (e.g. iPOD linux)

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