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Mediaportal – Getting closer to 1.0?

I am a bit late to the party on this one – Mediaportal released 0.2.3 stable on the 15th of Nov and I only just now have got around to installing and playing with it. Mediaportal is a Free Open Source (F/OSS) media center which runs on Windows and is an alternative to Windows Media Center with many improvements. I must say I am extremely impressed with this release.

I have only had a couple of evenings to test out the version, but it installed quicker and more cleanly than the previous 0.2.x releases (thanks due to the new install system) and seems to simply glide. After uninstalling the previous version, 0.2.3 installed quickly without corrupting / loosing my existing DVB schedule information or Advanced Recording preferences. It also immediately found my previous recordings and labelled them correctly.

The whole interface moves and feels a lot smoother especially when accessing my DVB grabbed schedule information. A few minor tweaks also present to the layout of the default theme, including the display of show description in previously unused screen real-estate. After a few short hours use I wonder how I ever used the previous build, I cant wait to try to ‘spinsafe‘ 3D theme…

Great work guys 🙂

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