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Drift City Thursday

xfire are holding a special event starting today, geared at getting as many people playing the free MMO Drift City. The competition appears to be fairly simple, log on today (Thursday 29th) and play as many hours as you can before December 9th. Prizes include Logitech Keyboards and Mice in various categories based on the amount of hours logged in game.

Xfire is holding a special Drift City event for Xfire users. From November 29th to December 9th, you are challenged to log into Xfire and play as much Drift City as you can during the promotion period. All you have to do to enter is join the Drift City Rockets [DCR] Team!

How to participate: Play Drift City while signed into Xfire to be eligible to win!

Play 0-5 Hours: (1 Winner)
PLANTRONICS GAMECOMPRO1 USB Connector Supra-aural Gaming Stereo Headset
Play 5-15 Hours: (1 Winner)
Logitech G5 Mouse + ijji.com Pillow
Play more than 15 Hours: (1 Winner)
Logitech G5 Mouse and G 15 Keyboard + ijji.com Pillow


Whilst the Drift City client has rocketed to number 4 in the list of most downloaded files on xfire today and for this week, at the moment the game has not broken into the top 10 games list, however I dont know how many times a day the list is updated.

Seems to be a rather shameless way to promote a game that has been lingering on the sidelines for too long. Still, perhaps thats just the cynic in me talking, I will certainly be downloading and trying this MMO so I guess in terms of generating exposure, xfire have succeeded rather well, whether or not it breaks into the top 10 remains to be seen.

EDIT: A few hours later the numbers seen above have doubled, still no sign of Drift City…

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