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Half Life 2: RTS Mod

I briefly talked about this mod over on my previous blog, however I had a chance to have a chat with one of the developers behind the project. This is a rough transcript of our conversation.

Briefly what inspired you to create this mod?

Nothing really, just the fun and challenge of turning Half-Life: 2 into a real-time strategy game.

Have you created any other mods before this and if so, for what games?

I made some maps for Half-Life 2: Capture the flag and Nightfall (which was a campaign for Guild Wars)

There has been talk on the forums that the UI was either lifted or heavily inspired by CoH. Whilst this is a great game in its own right, does it worry you in terms of potential legal difficulties further down the road?

I dont see why we as a project should be worried, it is unlikely that they have a patent on the UI. I chose it as it is a pretty standard but functional user interface which may be changed some time in the future.
The two categories RTS and FPS are very different. How are you planning to avoid making it just a simple 3rd person top-down HL2 game

Does it looks to you like a simple 3rd person top-down hl2 game currently?
The physics engine in HL 2 is quite impressive, even more so with the improvements with Episode 2. Are you planning on implementing destructible terrain / buildings / cover etc?

Damage from environment (e.g. wall falling onto infantry)

Maybe, its something that we are considering.

Does the fact that it is chiefly a FPS engine limit you in terms of the potential tactical elements?

I dont see how it would. It is of course a lot of work to change things but that challenge is the reason I am on this project – its the fun part.

I see you have implemented Walkers already from the youtube video, are there any other vehicle you plan to implement like the drop ships? What rebel counter units are planned to balance the sides or are you relying on specialist infantry teams like rocket troops?

At this stage we have not decided.

What role do the sand lions play? Will it be a central role or more a territorial role i.e. just defending their terrain or actively being controlled by the player or a ‘third team CPU’ in skirmishes?

They will keep playing a territorial roll.

Are you planning a campaign or is this mod chiefly a multiplayer mod?

If I can bring an enthusiastic team together to create a large campaign, then at a later date there is no reason why this should not be the case. It is however a consideration for a later stage.

What is your next mile stone?

I don’t think in such terms. I don’t have a schedule.

How long before you anticipate a stable ‘fully featured’ release like a beta which would allow people to really get into this mod on a large scale?

It’s done when it’s done.

How are you planning on implementing buildings / structures?

Like what you would expect from a rts game.

What sets your mod apart from the others apart from the style of play?

Play and see.

Some interesting answers there, unfortunately either the Dev didn’t think much of me or didn’t want to disclose much about the project. It appears to be progressing and their new site can be found here. Lets hope they code better than they answer questions…

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